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  • I would highly recommend Dr. Alvi. He is extremely likeable and spends time to answer all questions. Not only is Dr. Alvi an "expert" in this field (hip and knee replacement), but he is a really nice person. He performed a minimally invasion (anterior approach) total hip replacement on my left hip. The terrible pain is gone. After 3 weeks I was back driving. I will be having my right hip replaced in early 2022. I give Dr. Alvi 5 Stars!
    By - Patricia Rogowski
    08-Oct-2021 08:06 PM
  • From the minute my husband and I met Dr. Alvi, we knew he was going to be the right surgeon for my hip replacement. We brought a list of questions and he answered every one patiently and thoroughly. He explained the procedure to us and I asked "How soon can we do it?" I had been in so much pain and needed a cane to walk around the house. Surgery was everything I'd hoped for. I was up and walking around the hospital the same night. I did 6 weeks of PT and felt like I was 90% back to normal. I strongly recommend Dr. Alvi if you are needing hip replacement. He and his assistant, Hannah, have been wonderful. He's a miracle-worker in my book!
    By - Cindy Ellis
    08-Apr-2021 02:00 PM
  • I was have alot of hip problems for 2 years and had gotten shots and rehab but nothing was helping for very long. So I decided to Dr. Alvi and find out what I would recommend. I needed a complete hip replacement and decided to get it done. Dr. Alvi explained everything to me and explained the xrays with clearity. He gave me time for questions and I did not feel he was rushing me at all which many doctors do. He was very very nice and approachable. After the surgery, the results were amazing. It was so much better than I thought it would be. Only three weeks after surgery I am walking on my own without a walker or a cane. Dr. Alvi and a wonderful doctor and very skillful. If I need my other hip done someday I will definity go back to Dr. Alvi. I highly recommend this doctor.
    By - Susan Creaney
    24-Jul-2020 11:36 AM
  • For the last 5 years plus, I have had terrible back pain. I was seeing my Chiropractor twice a week with no relief. The Chiropractor recommended a pain management Dr in the Barrington group, Dr. Belcher. Had treatment with her which helped, but not long term. She suggested I consult with Dr. Alvi, who she highly recommended! Scared, I saw Dr. Alvi. He was great, he listened, advised and explained everything so well, I left feeling informed and scheduled my right hip replacement Oct. 31, 2019. All went very well and I was amazed at how well it all was! Dr. Alvi said at that time, the left hip needed replacing. I went back to Dr. Belcher for back injections and I was fighting the recommendation to have the left hip replaced, so I saw a back surgeon. After that consultation, I said no way and returned to Dr. Alvi and said let’s do it. My surgery was May 22nd and I am so happy I became a “double hippie!” Recovery is going so well and my back pain has lessened. Dr. Alvi had a great “level”...I’m balanced, both legs are the same length! I highly recommend Dr Alvi to anyone who asks about hip replacements! If you want a Dr. that cares and informs...Dr. Alvi, hands down!!
    By - Susie Johnston
    11-Jun-2020 05:12 PM
  • For over a year I had been experiencing hip pain due to OA. The last few months the pain from hip to foot was excruciating 24/7 limiting my activities to where I was 99% home bound. I could not walk but a few steps. Dr Alvi was recommended by a nurse as to the go-to orthopedic doctor for hip replacement. All of my research confirmed what she said. Dr. Alvi is a very personable gentle compassionate doctor with wonderful eye contact and a listening ear. His. Explanation of preop and postop hip replacement surgery was excellent and thorough. My surgery went well and I was home the next day. My preop pain was gone immediately after surgery. Postop pain was minimal and therapy that followed excellent. Amy, his PA was so friendly delightful and knowledgeable. I am now walking and climbing stairs and enjoying every moment of every day. I thank Dr Alvi for giving me my life back. Thank you!
    By - Mary Larson
    23-Feb-2020 03:59 PM
  • I am happy to write this testimonial for Dr. Alvi! He was recommended to me after it was determined that the extreme pain I was experiencing was due to complete disintegration of the cartilage in the left hip. Nonetheless, I was reluctant to undergo surgery, as I have never had surgery or been hospitalized, and have always led an active lifestyle. I had concerns about complications and the length of recuperation. Dr. Alvi patiently, clearly, and compassionately provided all the information necessary to make an informed decision. I understood the procedure in detail, approximate recovery time and the post-surgery PT. Obviously surgery is never fun, but the experience was remarkable. I had surgery early in the morning and was home that evening. I worked twice with a physical therapist in the hospital after surgery, walking on a walker and negotiating steps. The relief from pain was immediate. I returned to work in about 10 days, and was walking without a walker after about a week. It has not even been a month since surgery, and I am very grateful to be returning to normal physical activities. I drive, walk and work without discomfort. I look forward to playing golf and sailing. Everyone I know finds it difficult to believe my recovery has been so short after a hip replacement. Recommending Dr. Alvi is easy: he is a capable and skilled physician and surgeon, and for patients, it is comforting to have a physician who is direct and kind. He is as happy for you to be free of pain and to be moving freely, as you yourself are.
    By - Ralph J. Hanses
    17-Feb-2020 12:58 PM
  • I have had pain in my left hip for awhile and decided to see Dr Alvi. During my visit he provided me with options and let me choose what I wanted. I wanted a hip replacement and he gave me all the information. I had the surgery and within 2 weeks I was walking on my own! I wished I had done this sooner. Dr Alvi has changed my life for the better and there is not enough words to say how grateful I am! Thank you, Dr Alvi!
    By - Nancy Johns
    09-Feb-2020 06:32 PM
  • After having a total hip replacement 6 years ago using the anterior approach, I knew I wanted to find a surgeon that performs surgery using this approach when it came time to replace my other hip. I did my research and was fortunate to find Dr. Alvi at BOS. Dr. Alvi is extremely professional, is thorough and with great attention to detail. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this second hip replacement. I was home recovering after 1 night in the hospital and walking and climbing stairs with only a cane right away. My pain with the surgery has been minimal from the start and I am walking with and without a cane within the first 2 weeks at home. While my surgery 6 years ago went well I would have to say that this surgery is far and away a better experience thanks to Dr. Alvi.
    By - David Gugel
    26-Jan-2020 04:43 PM
  • I was referred to Dr. Alvi by a colleague of his in the Barrington Orthopedic practice. I was dealing with the shock of of being told I was in need of a hip replacement. Dr. Alvi was sympathetic but knew immediately I needed this , just by asking me to walk a few feet for him! He patiently listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, calmly agreed to let me postpone the surgery while I rapped my head around it and when I came back to say I was ready, he immediately started the ball rolling. He and his staff left nothing to question. Everyone was professional and kind in their treatment of me. I had a very easy recovery and I credit Dr. Alvi and his staff fully for it. THANK YOU!
    By - Sharon Heart
    17-Jan-2020 02:12 PM
  • I suffered great pain in my right hip and leg..After careful ,thorough evaluation, Dr. Alvi suggested hip replacement after trying conservative treatment.His expertise and skill did wonders in getting me back to feeling normal.I am now able to return to work and activities that I enjoy doing without pain.I cannot begin to thank Dr.Alvi enough and would highly recommend him to patients looking at hip surgery!
    By - Gary Noesen
    09-Jan-2020 01:29 PM
  • Dr. Hasham Alvi's magic changed my life. I was a very active man until about a year ago. At first, I began feeling mild hip pain. This escalated into unbearable pain that prevented me from most exercise and normal household activities. I was walking with a noticeable limp and I developed poor posture. Dr. Alvi was recommended to do a total anterior hip replacement. The surgery was performed and almost immediately the hip pain was gone. Three weeks later I was back at the gym and walking normally without pain.
    I am so grateful to Dr. Alvi and his staff.
    By - Michael Dickler
    05-Oct-2019 03:00 PM
  • Dr. Alvi replaced my right knee for me in June of 2019 and I don't think it has felt this good in some time, as it was rubbing bone of bone in December. His personality, and knowledge of the procedure, made the decicition for me replacing my knee. This was a full replacement, and I want to thank him for his personable approach to his profession, as well as his staff. Thank You for the entire Barrington Orthopedic experience.
    By - Tom Toso
    16-Sep-2019 04:19 PM
  • After suffering with hip pain for well over a year to the point where I couldn’t even walk I was blessed to have been referred by an associate and friend to Dr Alvi.
    The first time my wife and I met Dr Alvi we knew he was the doctor for me. Dr Alvi has terrific people skills. We loved the fact that Dr Alvi made eye contact while talking and he listened attentively.
    My wife had brought 2 pages of questions which the doctor sat patiently and answered thoroughly. At no time did we feel rushed. I had many concerns as I am very afraid of needles and hospitals. Dr Alvi addressed each of my concerns putting me at ease. Using easy to understand terminology , Dr Alvi explained the surgery procedure and what anesthesia would be given. Dr Alvi also addressed what to expect post surgery. I was home the day after surgery and experienced a quick pain free recovery. Within a week I needed no cane and in three weeks I was back to driving. We cannot say enough good things about the staff that supports doctor. Amy is so friendly, smart and enjoyable. She is always smiling and welcoming. Agnes is prompt and thorough in answering our questions. We feel both young ladies are an asset to Dr Alvi's office. They truly enjoy the patients and their jobs. We are so thrilled we decided to contact Dr. Alvi. We know we chose the right doctor. For any future needs Dr. Alvi is our guy. We would go to him with confidence knowing what a terrific man and surgeon he is. Thanks Dr Alvi, I'm pain free and enjoying life again.
    By - Stefano J Chiarello
    13-Sep-2019 12:55 PM

  • I am an active 84 year young woman in great health up until two years ago when my left hip started to give me pain. After two years of suffering and becoming almost completely unable to walk I agreed to hip replacement surgery which was performed by Doctor Alvi. It was quick and my recovery amazing. As I’ve heard so many times before from others who like me put off surgery due to my age, I wish I had done it much sooner. Doctor Alvi made a minimal incision which healed up beautifully. After only 3 months I am back to normal and pain free. Don’t wait to get this done, there is no need to endure the hip pain when there is such a remarkable simple solution and such great doctors like Dr. Alvi.
    By - Margot
    08-Sep-2019 02:13 PM
  • I was required to have two total hip replacements back to back, six weeks apart. Good news, I was introduced to Dr Alvi. He was very helpful teaching me about procedures and what to expect at each step, keeping me at ease along the way. Both replacements went very well. He and his staff were there every time I had a questions or concerns. PT's were impressed with the progress. I would highly recommend Dr Alvi!!!
    By - Robert Shanahan
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Cindy Vallera was approaching her mid-50s in good spirits and in great health-with the exception of some hip and back pain that kept her from being as active as she wanted to be. Before coming to Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) she'd been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips, which led to pain management injections from her previous doctor.

    Read more
    By - Cindy
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Dr Alvi is terrific! As is the Ortho specialists working with him inpatient and at the 929 office. Most people can't even guess I’ve had a hip replacement! 2 days in patient & then to my sister & brother-in-law's. Even in hospital they said I could switch to the cane! 1st day at PT they told me I was walking well enough go without cane! At 3 months still working on weakness raising leg going upstairs. It was hard work but TOTALLY worth it. Pain was less than expected. Highly Recommended!!
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Dr. Alvi was outstanding and explained explained everything in depth. I would highly recommend him.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Really love the services you provide; all visits have had minimal wait times. Everyone has been very professional and courteous. Communication has been outstanding. I love the visit summary that you send.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Great Dr. and Surgeon. Excellent bedside manner and takes his time to listen to you. Two weeks after hip replacement I am walking, climbing stairs, and almost 100% again. Thank you Dr. Alvi.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • I went to get an opinion on pain in my knees and how I could continue my workout routine and keep the knee pain under control. He gave me good options and was knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to and what I could do. I will definitely recommend him.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • This was my first visit with Dr Alvi and found the Doctor to be very friendly, very knowledgeable, and not in a rush to leave. He explained my situation and several alternatives for relief. I was very pleased.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM
  • Dr Alvi listens and then responds. He has been straighforward a quality I look for in a physician. I did not feel rushed when explaining my condition and concerns.
    By - Anonymous
    06-Sep-2019 11:53 AM

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